Growing up Gay: Not regretting my past

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  1. Such positive vibes from article, lovely 🙂

  2. Be the way are , no need to change yourself for others . Let the people change their view !
    I rarely get time to read blogs these days , and the ones from your side are a the ones that will bring a change in our country !
    Once again a lovely piece of work from your side 🙂
    God bless Anu ! (Y)

  3. Anwesh! I’m so happy after reading this. It’s amazing that you think about happiness more than the other things! More power to you !

  4. Edward says:

    This is what I think too…amazing I feel alive after reading this..thankyou so much for this

  5. Swapnil Vilekar says:

    Very nice Anwesh…
    Feeling so good after read that your life story and your way of thinking..
    Loves alot.?
    I also want to do something for our community…

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