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  1. aryan says:

    want to help some gay youth

  2. Ayush says:

    I’m GAY , 21 , India , and I’m considering SUICIDE , please help me 🙁

  3. Rohit says:

    I would certainly like to meet a lesbian group. I need their help…

    I came out to my family 4 years ago, the news was decently accepted, however my mother took some time which I had anticipated. Now she accepts me as I am with no dubious mind.
    The strange thing is, she wants me to settle with a Lesbian, as it will give me a stable life! like any other hetro marriages. She says she will accept my male partner too, but wants me to have a lesbian to have marriage (MoC) with. She says this will ensure I will have some good company throughout my life…

    I know it sounds strange, but I also feel its INCREDIBLE on her part. The problem is she pokes me to find a lesbian girl soon and I don’t know any 1

  4. Please add Qashti’s Helpline for lesbian and bisexual women, trans and genderqueer people assigned female at birth: Wed 7-9 pm, Sat 4-7 pm. The numbers are 011-9711282081 and 011-9711282307. Thank you!

  5. sunil says:

    Hi Ayush, this is sunil i m stranger for u. relation no matter , matters the suggestion v got. so what if u r gay. its not mean ur life stopped . accept what life gives u. rather than quit . u can feel free to live ur life in certain way u wish to….. its ur right too.
    i m also gay but i m married. and have two boy child. … most of time i keep hide my tht personality… till i got someone. to share my feelings…. i use to do wht i wish to do with ….. pls b happy its life we dont get only wht we want some time v got v dont like. its life

  6. James says:

    I need help, I am gay and need a way out. 770-262-3651.

  7. Sheetal says:

    Hi..I am..crossdress.. But..less.attracted to my other gay friends.. I don’t find my self comfortable in their company. I wish to be with some Tom girl instead.. Who treats me as her wife..and she should be interested in pegging me too..I don’t know if I can get such female.. Please help..

  8. viki says:

    Im confused am i gay? bcoz i dont like girl and when i see any smart boy then i get attracted to him plzz Help me ,I want to become lady

  9. Kanika says:

    Hi, I have a very awkward problem. I am attracted to women .. I have a married life which is going great guns. But then I am a crossdresser too !! I like to dress up as a woman and i really take good care of m looks as a woman, like i hire a make up artist, i do waxing etc. And when enfemme, I am still attracted to women. How to deal with it. When enfemme, I want to be with a man, but want to refrain from sexual activities.

    Can someone suggest me … and I open to friendship with men and women both.

  10. krishn says:

    I’m 25

  11. Nidhi says:

    Hi I’m NIDHI from Delhi I’m male by birth but I’m completly female by my body & mind I have real breast hair free body I like male I want marrige with male plz help me

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