Indian queers soon to have their own Radio channel

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  1. Radiowalla says:

    If you have a story to share, your very own queer story, however simple it might be… even under a cloak of anonymity….
    get in touch with us via [email protected]
    QRadio – Out and Proud !!

  2. Rahul says:

    sounds great! will this be a free or paid channel??

  3. Radiowalla says:

    We know you’ve been dying to get to know us… so here’s our first teaser… Just 3, yupp… Three Days to Go… Watch this space!

    • Harish Kumar says:


      Congrat’s for a path breaking step..! I would like to make a small suggestion.. Why don’t u do highlight the plight of Gays in small towns..? Please do it.. if possible..

      U see in big cities.. guys have access to internet.. and other things.. but in small towns…it’s very difficult.. for guys to come out.. and the trauma is even more.. i would like to come out and share my story on Q radio.. Please do reply..

  4. Sumit says:

    Hey great news! Have sent an email addressed to [email protected] 24 hours back. Waiting for your kind response. All the best for your endeavour guys!!!

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