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Gaytech’s Gizmos

By Gadget Guru Gandhi (3G) Hi everyone! When it comes to electronics, size has an inverse proportionality – the smaller the better. Netbooks are not for gamers and heavy users. These are for office-goers,...

Gaytech`s Gagets 0

Gaytech`s Gagets

Gandhi HTC EVO 4G HTC EVO is no doubt one the most anticipated phones this year. Finally 4G enabled phones have become a reality. Obviously this kind of a phone has very different type...



Ashish, Pink Pages brings to you a varied menu of bedroom, living room, and kitchen variants to suit your individuality, style, and of course your pocket too.

The Touch Generation is here 0

The Touch Generation is here

Samsung Omnia HD For those who want to show off, Samsung Omnia HD is the most awaited phone. It’s an all-in-one device sporting the largest (3.7-inch, 360×640 res) AMOLED screen to have ever been...

GayTech’s Gadgets! 12

GayTech’s Gadgets!

When it comes to gadgets, Latest is the Greatest! And for us fags and dykes, who’d rather be dead than disconnected, here’s the hotlist- from cell phones to mp3 players, and laptops to Notebooks!

Interiors Today 0

Interiors Today

Shiva Prasad Welcome to our space of interior design. It’s the sheer marvel and magnificence of this house that draws me to describe it. It is a perfect piece of contemporary styling. Allow me...

The free market! 3

The free market!

Tushar A new-gen happening store catering to our community? It’s already here! The heading would have given most of you a vague idea already. is India’s first LGBT Pride store. It’s an online...