Hoshang Merchant: The grand old man of Indian gay writing

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  1. Jean-Pau Dugas says:

    This interview is my introduction to India's Pink Pages, and I must say that seeing the name of Edmund White both surprised and delighted me.

    Hoshang Dinshaw Merchant represents a most valuable link to the past experiences of 20th century gay men, not only in India, but also in America and Israel.

    On the other hand, the insight he can give us into gay or queer life in the Zoroastrian culture, then and now, will certainly be worthwhile.

    Also, Merchant's comments on the effects of globalization, something we had not foreseen during the American Gay Liberation of the 60's, are nothing if not thought-provoking.

    Thank you Udayan and Professor Merchant.

  2. Hadi Hussain says:

    I might have put the bookstores in Lahore upside down for the anthology Yarana but fortunately I got a copy from a folk and finished it in a single sitting. It was really nice. And I m looking forward to the 2nd edition in which there are literary pieces from Pakistan as well. As far as interview is concerned, I am still insatiate as I want to know more about Mr Merchant's writings. The hallmark of the interview for me was Mr Merchant's statement, "It’s better to be made fun of because of your beard than to be made fun of because they think you’re a hijra." I was so much overwhelmed by it.

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