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Sharmistha Ray: In Search of Rainbows

Exploring Love & Sexuality in Sharmistha’s Art By Koel Chakraborty Sharmistha Ray aims to address the issues of sexuality with the help of a paintbrush. Her works speak of a sublime confidence that is...


Kean Alvares: India’s androgynous model

Kean Alvares is a 23 year old makeup artist and androgynous model based in Mumbai. He shares his story with Pink Pages. Pictures by Punit Reddy. On Modelling as a career At the age...


Gautam Yadav: Fearless & Selfless

How Gautam Yadav is helping to Break the Silence on HIV issues in India By Udayan Dhar Gautam Yadav comes across as a confident, intuitive guy, a tad on the shy side but someone...