Pink in the Armour

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  1. devamrit says:

    Congratulations on this new effort. The quality of articles is generally good. However, there appear to be contradictions among the statement that “It will have many flavours to offer and will appeal to everyone in the alphabet soup of sexuality.”, the "National Gay and Lesbian magazine" tag, and the focus which appears to be mostly by and towards gay men. How about having inclusivity reflect in a "India's first nation LGBT magazine" rebranding, and more importantly, seeking out lesbians, bisexual men, bisexual women, mtf and ftm trans people to write for it?

  2. YUGYAG says:

    Kudos to Nipun and his team. This gay magazine… is so informative… and so unlike gay social sites.. which are more or less like free online brothels…

    I launched my blog last year.. and always thought of launching a newsletter for gay community. but i think.. rather i would contribute through this magazine….

    This magazine…. i am sure, with few innovative marketing strategies.. would be able to make it to the BEST magazine of the nation…

    Strategy to launch it online is the best step as it would generate the readership, as well as pink pages would get the genuine feedback on the type of articles readers want to read in it.

    I think, the magazine needs to be more interactive.. rather than just plain articles..

    It need some more visual attractiveness..


  3. Swami says:

    Congratulation for such a nice Online Magazine…Surely, and All India Magazine such as yours was really needed.Wishing you all the Best

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