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  1. Shasha says:

    its so great to see my name along with all of you beautiful people here 🙂

  2. Raj Jani says:

    Dear Sou,

    Every thing you write apart from newpaper article makes me cry..ponder…search…and even question my self!! A Big Hug for Small Gods.. Sou..frankly I dont have words to express my feelings..If you were in front of me..I would have said ” I LOVE YOU SOU!!”

    Your Raj
    Cant stop mentioning some parts from Small Gods where I stopped and then…

    # it was the first important event in his life and he learnt the most out of it.

    # Men are fathers, Men are brothers, Men are friends, and Men are lovers too.

    # And in his lovers, Sarvesh would try to find either his father or his younger brother. Alas! This young boy wouldn’t know that neither a father nor a brother would be ever found in one’s boyfriend. He would often ask himself, “Can I find a real true friend in my boyfriend?”

    # The thief knew this was a secure place to keep his most precious things. What an ugly truth he learnt later – this was what other boys would love him for.

    # And since our reality lacks the sanction of a creator, there’s no guarantee as to the authenticity of the received version. Time is reduced to presence, the content of a series of discontinuous moments. Time is no longer purposive, and there is no destiny, only chance.

  3. Divya Seernani says:

    Hey Sourendra,
    I loved your articles 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Rajarshi Paul Choudhury says:

    Shree Krishna!!!!! wow.. its really amazing lil poppet (Sourendra).. kobe likhli eto sob kichu… baba.. chele boro hoyegeli je… i must admit.. all your articles are really good creation.. hats off..

  5. Rajesh Vaidya says:

    Very happy 2 no ur progress day by day.Keep it up.U deserve dat.Wish u all d best from bottom of my heart but at d same tome don`t forget me.If anyting 4 me,pl let me know
    Tnxs n regards,
    Always yurs,

  6. kabi cubby sherman says:

    way to go sourendra!

  7. Anindya Banerjee says:

    Dear Sourendra,
    Wish You a great success.I am really proud of you.

  8. Prajwal Kumar says:

    Hey dear Sourendra all the best.
    God bless you man..

  9. Raj Jani says:

    Hey Sou,

    Wish you all the best…….

    I had told before couple of months that you have to just wait for 1 yr more and this is just begining remember? there are lot more and lot bigger things your way Sou I know that..I can see that now…

    Love you
    and so…….happy for your success

    Your Raj

  10. nitin ganwani says:

    all the best sorendra..happy for u…take care n god bless u…

  11. sangeeta ray says:

    Dear Sourendra, All the Best my dear. I know you will do your best.

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