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Anniversary Special: The best of Pink Pages

Since July 2009, we’ve had the privilege of publishing several captivating essays, short stories and works of art & photography- all coming from India’s dynamic and very talented LGBT community. As we complete five...


Top 10 LGBT News Stories of 2011

2011 was quite an eventful year for Indian gays- it started on a rather nasty note with the TV 9 fiasco and stooped an amazing low with the Health minister’s homophobic comments, but by the...


A Day in Gay India – Part II

Compiled by Udayan Once again this year we leave behind the identity of queer politics and the glamour of media flashlights to delve into the mundane yet real lives of gay and lesbian people...


10 Gayest Ads Ever

Shasha Here’s what we thought were some of the gayest and coolest ads from around the world. You can obviously add to the list! [tubepress]C98311E0796DBA1F[/tubepress]


The Queer Literature Issue

Pink Pages delved into the belletristic finesse of queer Indians, spawned from which the following pages of the best of short fiction and poetry collection for our readers– both gay and straight… truly a...