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By John Corvino “I think I’m in love,” my friend announces. “You knew him for five minutes,” I retort. We’re both exaggerating. My friend—let’s call him Bob—met a guy while traveling, and they hit...


The Dating Extravaganza

By Abhijeet If one were to surf the net for dating tips, preferably on YouTube, they would find a guy sitting half naked (I know) and giving bull advice which never works anyway. So,...


How to Fight

Men’s Life Today: Relationships By Sanjiv Bhattacharya For Men’s Life Today There’s nothing like the beginning of a relationship. That giddy, soft-focus feeling, when every mushy pop song out there seems to be written...


When the flowers bloom again

Niket Though the winters are long yet hope remains, that one day sun will shine again spring will come and flowers will bloom. When we left them last time both Mr. X and Mr...


The Perfect Relationship

Niket writes about the ups and downs of young gay love- the trials and tribulations, the joys and tears, in the process discovering just what it takes to make a relationship perfect.

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Talk the Talk

So, the other day, I met up with a gay friend of mine. Two young gay guys, both single and looking, in the same car. The discussion on homosexuality was inevitable. We discussed all...

Seven ways to get the guy you want 4

Seven ways to get the guy you want

Yug 1. Be clear about your desire/ need : What are you looking for? Just a sex mate, a hook up for one night or a soulmate for lifetime. Be clear about your needs...

More than just friends! 4

More than just friends!

Anahita Sarabhai discusses gay love and bonding- in a society that’s still not used to same-sex relationships. Also how is a gay relationship different from a straight one anyway?