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The Truth About Harish Iyer

By Deborah Grey 6000 e-mails, 1200 smses, 200 BBM messages, almost 500 calls… and still counting… That’s what the first 48 hours were like for Harish Iyer after the Satyamev Jayate episode featuring him...

Revathi: Trans-cending the Indian LGBT community 6

Revathi: Trans-cending the Indian LGBT community

Tushar M. speaks to Revathi, south India’s most well known face of the transgendered community. Having faced discrimination and harassment throughout her life, her mission now remains to untangle her own community from ages...

The Advocate 2

The Advocate

Udayan catches up with Arvind Narain, one of the most prominent faces behind the struggle against Section 377. He talks about the historic case and its implications, the nature of the Indian gay rights...

Colours of Pride 2

Colours of Pride

Ananya Dhote analyzes the newfound political and social consciousness sweeping across the LGBT community in India and its legal fallouts in the coming five years of the newly elected UPA government.