The Boys of Bangladesh

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  1. Helena says:

    Great organisation and very good work!

  2. Rajeeb says:

    good to see BoB featured! it’s a BIG encouragement 🙂

  3. EHSAN says:

    Great going BoB!! Live on!! Exclusive thanks to Tanvir for speaking out on the issues so bravely. I also noticed the interview is mentioned on the cover page. It’s just WOW!!!

  4. Shahin Rahman says:

    I am from Sydney, a Bangladeshi born Australian gay….I salute to Joy, Tanvir and others for their great movement….cheers

    • Peter Joseph says:

      Hello Shahin, do you still live in Sydney? I live in Forster, up on the mid-north coast, 300 kms from Sydney. I would like to meet you sometime. My email address is:
      [email protected] . I intend to visit the country soon.

  5. alam says:

    Bravo Tanvir…………..u did a nice job………very nice interview.. good work my dear.

  6. Esa Abrar says:

    o my hero…. i love u tanvir …tanx for this courageous attempt, u r always very unequivocal and u deserve a lot accolade for this,,,,please go further, i am always with u, whenever u need and all the guys plz come out from your concealment ,its now time to enjoy and ecstasy and time for fiesta….. take my honour and salute to tanvir and others, who disseminates this significant issue infront of everyone… u all………&…….ummmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh for tanvir…

  7. Nilanjan Chatterjee says:

    Great to see some progress back in Bangladesh… my best to BoB!

  8. Aditya Bondyopadhyay says:

    It takes people to come out and be counted for larger change to be effected later on. It is indeed a historic interview. The ‘be counted’ bit begins here. This is the seed, it will germinate and become a tree one day…the tree of freedom…from criminalization…from homophobia…from violence.

    Its these points in history that make me happy when I witness them.

  9. Bipul says:

    Tanvir, hope u recognize me.. I salute YOU… Love and hugs from india…

  10. Aiman says:

    I’m so surprised to read this interview. Mr. Tanvir is saying all the good things here. But my personal experience of talking with him is totally different. Wow…Can’t believe!

  11. megh says:

    may be i m a gay…….but i cant support this activity……now-a -days BOB indicate a narrowest organization…………bd”te khub kom sele by born gay hoi…..aneke forcely gay hoi…BOB oi rastata torannito korse….jeta ami moneprane ghrina kori..shundor kono sele dekhlei taake gay hishebe approved korar jonnno bisexualra uthe pore laage… shobcheye boro kotha holo bd”te pure gay khub kom…..most r bisexual…..and dis community is most dangerous….r shobcheye boro kotha holo jkono paap kaj j start korbe……taar oi maddhome joto paap kaj hobe taar dai-vaar taar uporei porbe j kajta shuru koreche……….

  12. Mahfz says:

    All the fucking gay bdeshis should be burnt alive. some should be locked up and the prison guards should heat up the baton, make it proper red and shove it up their arse so they never commit such a heinous crime.

    • Niklas says:

      shut up, you, closeted queen! Everybody knows the most rabid homophobes are suppressed homos. Try it and you’ll love it because your true nature will reveal itself to you.

  13. bangla says:

    It’s really a cool and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  14. rumon says:

    I really appreciate the things you are doing for us gay people .It takes courage to do something like these works . But the thing i want to know is that how can one like me join the club ? As you know how hard it really is to be a gay person in our country ? I have been searching for something like this for a very long time and my hands are shaking right now , and also I don’t know if you are going to read this but i am hoping you will and you will be able to help me . I WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR REPLY .PLEASE HELP ME

  15. ReYaD says:

    I like the activities of BOB and support it too…

  16. shihab says:

    hi , call me if u like older gay . 01715515125 . Thanks .

  17. Bokhtiar Dhali says:

    I’m ready always to get a partner.I stydy in CODA,Mohammodpur&my contact number is 01732635317/01686526767

  18. Alovi Anol says:

    There’s no doubt that tanvir did a great job……

    But What about the expousure of a gay person…..i dont know

    How it is possible…but we need to move on….

    And people changes day by day……

    01682983689…call me if u’re mine friend…….

  19. Alovi Anol says:

    Dont Tempt A Straight Person!!!! Please Dont Abuse Someone

    It’ll Bring A Very Heinous Crime !!!!

    Just Move On !!

  20. nafiz says:

    hi am from narsingdi i fell alone any friend join with me

  21. ridoy says:

    i need a friend

  22. Mohammed hossain says:

    Hello there friends,
    I live in USA but originally from dhaka bangladesh. I’m gay and happily married with my life partner. I can’t talk to anyone from bangladesh about who I am, or even I’m married with another man. I would love to make some friends from bangladesh, who I can talk to sometime. If you are that person, please write me at [email protected].

  23. hlw gyzzz…. ….. i thnk um nt comfortabl wid grls…i love guysss….ne1 for love…jst knck me….. um sabbir frm dhaka…. age 27….um honest…..

  24. abir says:

    ami 18.only real gay are call me.i wanna to make a longtime relationship.+88001989047138

  25. Mohammed Hossain says:

    I am a gay Bangladeshi Muslim. I live in the United States. I’m married to an American gay man, and couldn’t be any happier. My family still don’t know about me and my husband. I don’t know if I can ever tell them and expect to be accepted by my family.

  26. md jony says:

    I am md jony gay Bangladeshi Muslim. I live 2013 in Australia seeker asylam. I am married with Bangladeshi gay man last 4 th februarry husbend at the time with me..we bot afried go back my home country…because homosexsulaty crime Bangladesh penal cord law section 377..forever jail punishment tortuar fine…I lost every think my past life….my famlly at the time know we bot married…that why my famlly stil no more tok with me..i am so sad …and lot of sufaring..please hallpe us…I miss my famlly every day I am cray for my mothe and sister..please contact me this is my email Id

    • Tom Pedarson says:

      Hello Jony,
      I’m on the same road as you are. I live in the United States. If you want to talk sometime, feel free to write me at my FB account, [email protected]
      Tom Pedarson

  27. rafi says:

    hi there!I’m 23 years old smooth..I’m searching for an old gay.must be up to 40 age.

  28. Md al amin says:

    Hi I am open gay man in uk,I relly need to contact with your admin plese,plese give me reply as soon as posibale.

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