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The Boys of Bangladesh

Thirty year old Tanvir was brought up in the port city Chittagong, Bangladesh but since his graduation he’s in Dhaka the capital. He came to know about Boys of Bangladesh (BoB), a gay collective...


Pakistan – Existing on the Fringe

Hadi Hussain Back in 2005, when I was working on a story exploring the deplorable conditions of intersexuals and hermaphrodites living in Pakistan, I wasn’t aware of the fact that there is something like...

Bollywood, Homosexuality and Pakistan 3

Bollywood, Homosexuality and Pakistan

Nuwas Manto The Indian LGBT community, activists and Bollywood must know that what they do effects the Pakistani society’s perceptions of homosexuality as well as other countries where Bollywood-culture is loved.

Pakistan Diaries 8

Pakistan Diaries

Nuwas Manto writes about the current popular perceptions in Pakistan about LGBT people, how stereotypes are reinforced by homophobic clergy and media people, but also raises hope that the Delhi High Court judgement will...

Being gay in Pakistan 12

Being gay in Pakistan

Nuwas Manto gives a touching personal account on what it means to be gay in a deeply religious and conservative country like Pakistan, where homosexuality is considered a sin and male effeminacy scoffed upon.