The Solid Seven: India’s most influential Gays & Lesbians

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  1. Sriram says:

    Thanks very much for this wonderful story!
    Every single one of them is an inspiration- so proud of what they’ve done for the LGBT community…
    My special respect for Mr. Ashok Row Kavi.. he’s the towering figure among all…

  2. Adney says:

    Wendell Rodricks?????

  3. adya says:

    Guys, Rituparno Ghosh?? Hugely successful, 12 national awards winner, hugely influential, trailblazer for the new alt Bollywood, made three movies on gay themes, never in the closet, open cross dresser with a talk show, all this in the vernacular, was in the process of becoming a transgender, when he died this week. Ignorant much?

    • Ritesh says:

      Rituparno wasn’t gay.. he infact never defined himself at that.. at most he can be called trans/queer.. but he never used those words to describe himself.. this list is about out gays and lesbians.

  4. Guy says:

    Seriously, Harish Iyer and Manvendar!!!!

    And no Saleem Kidwai??

    • Frustrated_Mumbaikar says:

      Dunno abt manavendra.. but what the heck is the media s**t harish iyer doing on this list? is being on the pink pages team his only qualification for getting featured? sorry if i sound mean, but i think he’s abused his own abuse too much just to be in the limelight.. high time he moved his life beyond the sex abuse he faced and did something real for the queer community besides dressing up like a chhamiya in the mumbai pride parade

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