Gay in the City

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  1. dhee says:

    great article…well written and informative

  2. Tabi says:

    Okie Tushki… I have to agree… Well framed.. Well written…

    Totally loved this one line:
    Honestly, one is bound to run into atleast a dozen acquaintances, which includes ex-boyfriends, hags, half of my ignore list, crushes with their latest arm candies (), etc.


    Funny shit man!!! Waitin to see more…

  3. It is simple to see that you are very informed about your writing. Looking forward to future posts.Thank you.

  4. Excellent site

  5. Very nice information.

  6. I probably will offer Gay in the City | Pink Pages to almost everyone who I are familiar with. Superb Job. -Juan Drugan – Fashions Enthusiast

  7. siva says:

    Great attempt. Fablous. All aspects are ooked into. I think PINK PAGEShas to do have FAQ's as the questions never cease and they are despeate for answers.

    siva – a "normal" gay

  8. deeps says:

    great work dudes….

  9. rajat says:

    dude can you tell me which are the three pubs in hyderabad

  10. Avinash says:

    Well, well, its all hep and happening in the metros, but for people like me who are from small towns ( i am from vijayawada which is 5 hours from hyderabad), have little options to come out of the closet and enjoy a happy life. All we can do is hide and wait until our country develops.

    • harsha vardhan says:

      hai dude i like you

      • Purplehead2512 says:

        Dont worry Avi…. You can still have few pre & post discussions online. Its not a big issue to find dates.You can have coffee & beer dates with ur new friends to kick start the new friendship somewhere. If you have a place which can be venue n you have privacy that would be lucky enough in smaller towns n cities.

        The only issue is for guyz who are openly gay or flamboyantly gay. They would not gel in a smaller town or city.

  11. ronit says:

    superb article a good piece of information

  12. carribian says:


  13. abubaker says:

    great can u say where is that place

  14. Rajiv says:

    Looking for this kind of information for Hyderabad .. a gr8 article …. can u plz share the 3 pubs you mentioned … it would help me to explore myself more … 🙂 … send the details to my email id given in the details

  15. Deepak F. says:

    Hello…I am new to Hyderabad and trying to meet new friends…could you also please share with me details of pubs and places at my email?

  16. shankar says:


  17. gay says:

    are nt there any gays in hyd city

  18. Very good write-up,reasonable advice. With thanks a lot =)

  19. Aniket says:

    I stay in Kolkata and have been to Delhi where i stayed for 5 years. Both places are good for gays. I have no problem in kissing guys or doing public sex in kolkata. There are many places here where you can do gay sex without any tension. However, the rented parlors…..some are good some are bad. There are pubs, halls, parks and various other places where gays feel comfortable doing whatever they want.

  20. Orion says:

    Hi guys….i am from Mumbai. Visit Hyderabad pretty often. However due to language barrier have not ventured out looking for sex actively. Strange though as i have managed to get sex at Kerala & Chennai. Can someone email me the names of gay friendly pubs/discos or restaurants ([email protected])

  21. Vinit says:

    can some one mail me about the theatres in chennai for gay

  22. Antho says:

    Can you please let me know the names of three pubs in hyderabad my email id is [email protected].
    Waiting for ur reply.

  23. sunil says:

    mail ofte the happenings and chance tomeet people in chennai

  24. Rajiv says:

    In Pune High Spirits can be located but Zavoo’s and Opus are missing in the map. Can anybody update me on this plz?

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