Mahesh Dattani

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  1. Obama on the Jon Stewart show – how fitting.

  2. Shibatosh Sarkar says:

    i need information about kamala in seven steps around the fire

  3. Dr.Sharad Rajimwale says:

    I like his play “Final Solutions” as the finest so far. “Tara” reminds me of Tennessee Williams’ “Glass Menagerie”, with its theme of siblings attachments and psychological complexities. However , Dattani is yet to come anywhere near Williams. He has many weaknesses and needs to learn and mature. The problem with our times is that media accolades affect a young artists’ course of growth very badly. It doesnot leave him/her alone to think and grow privately as Shaw, Sean O’Casey, or Chekhov did. Dattani’s flaws are obvious .He must remove them; or beyond media noise and rattle his literary life has no future.
    —-Dr. Sharad Rajimwale

  4. Suchithra says:

    Where can I find performing the play ‘Seven Steps around the fire’ ?

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