Yours’ Emotionally

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  1. Aseem Khan says:

    Just watched the movie Yours Emotionally. I would definitely appreciate the director Sridhar Rangayan for making such a brilliantly thought movie. But one thing truly disappoints me. The Gay picnic and gay party scenes depict the gays as extremely feminine, almost like eunuchs and this has deeply pained me. The question is – Is this portrayal of gays really true. I have seen and met many gays in my life, all of them are not feminine. The scenes in this move make me feel sad that gays are shown as almost eunuch-like behaviour which is improper. I live in Mumbai city and have so many gay friends, none of them show this behaviour. You may call me a hypocrite, but I personally don’t like gay men behaving in a womanly manner. If you are a man, show that you are a man, BE A MAN !!!!!!! A request to all the film-makers dealing with films on gays – plz be sensitive towards how to portray the gay behaviour on celluloid.

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