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  1. Arik Ganguly says:

    great….. keep up the gud work…………:-)

  2. Ankur Pathak says:

    very in depth…now even i can tag you as a ‘CREETEEC’;

  3. Monisha Ajgaonkar says:

    I read both your stories. I love the way you write. Expecting more from you in the next issue.

  4. Anindya Banerjee says:

    Read your articles.quite good and informative

  5. Anindya Banerjee says:

    I am a very ordinary person.But I always try to appreciate good things and try to help talented persom.To me you are a very talented please keep it up.with best wishes

  6. Pulkit Singla says:


  7. Aditi Gala says:

    Keep going ! Nice Work !

  8. Serena Carvalho says:


  9. Raj Jani says:

    Hey Sou,

    Would love to watch that movie with it getting released in Mumbai??

    Love U
    Your Raj

  10. Rajarshi Paul Choudhury says:

    Krishna!!!!! wow.. thts really amazing lil poppet.. kobe likhli ota… baba.. chele boro hoyegeli je… i must admit.. its a really good creation.. hats off..

  11. raaj says:

    where can I see this film?

  12. suman pal says:

    hello dear . i haven’t viewed it completely but i m excited have a look. but the video clips compels me to post this comment.

    the film is awesome and the characters in this film are with balancing nature both KARAN AND JITIN, are a cute couple to this film, their language is better and actions are perfectly performed . and thanks to RANADEEP AND JUDHAJIT, for preparing a film on such a challenging topic that too within INDIA.

    over all the film is an emotional package for the true lover

  13. Gaurav says:

    Where can i get the dvd of this movie. Pls anybody tell me

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