Vivek and I

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  1. Navin Vasudev says:

    I am reading this book currently. I cannot express my great disappointment with this writing. The English is bad, the plot is repetitive and it actually annoyed me to no length and there is no real understanding on gay issues. Pathetic!

  2. Dep says:

    I read your novel a couple of days ago.

    Mayur, since this is your first novel, ‘Vivek and I’ deserves a polite round of applause, just a smattering though. I agree with the comment by Navin Vasudev. I could make out that the novel was written by a mildly homophobic straight man or a homophobic gay man. “Ego Dystonic Homosexuality” is the term which comes to my mind.

    I wish you had paid more attention to accuracy. Perhaps you could have interviewed a few honest-to-goodness REAL homosexual men who are confident about their sexual orientation. I have a problem with any author who writes things like “I wish I was straight” and weaves situations into the plot which justifies that statement.

    Your conclusion seemed to be penned to please the homophobic majority. You seem to believe that homosexuals need to either get married to females or stay celibate to achieve lasting peace.

    Please! next time you write a novel on homosexuality do a lot more research Mayur.

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