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Queering Love: The Song of Dusk

By Sandeep It’s Sunday afternoon and I watch a quarrel of sparrows around my feet, pecking at grains scattered by the local grocer. I perch on my favourite bench under a tree near my...


Growing up Gay: Not regretting my past

By Anwesh Kumar Sahoo Contrary to the reaction that I often receive from people, being gay in our country isn’t in fact half as bad. While growing up gay didn’t make it any easier for...


The Gay Traveler: Santiago

By Vikram Kolmannskog I am crossing what is a border in the view of some people: the Pyrenees. I gather the beauty of these mountains in my mantra; a mantra repeated every morning by my...

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Gay in the Land of Happiness, Bhutan

By Passang Dorji In Bhutan the Penal Code’s Sections 213 and 214 state that homosexuality is against nature and punishable. This reinforces the popular view that homosexuality is wrong, although no one appears to...

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Abhina Aher: Journey of a Dancing Queen

By Rashmi Singh “I quite jokingly say that rhythm runs inside me as my mother is a dancer and father a drummer. I used to watch all of her shows. So, dance has been...


Sharmistha Ray: In Search of Rainbows

Exploring Love & Sexuality in Sharmistha’s Art By Koel Chakraborty Sharmistha Ray aims to address the issues of sexuality with the help of a paintbrush. Her works speak of a sublime confidence that is...

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‘Loev’ is both lyrical and real : Movie review

Review by Udayan Dhar Director: Sudhanshu Saria Starring: Dhruv Ganesh, Shiv Pandit, Siddharth Menon Indian film-makers dealing with homosexuality often deal with the dilemma of drawing a fine balance between showcasing gay characters sensitively,...

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