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Growing up Gay: My tryst with sexuality

By Rajat Singh Rajput Most gay teens in my school were clichés. There was the effeminate guy who would frolic around with his girl friends (mind the space), talking everything gay yet never being...

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Queering Love: The Song of Dusk

By Sandeep It’s Sunday afternoon and I watch a quarrel of sparrows around my feet, pecking at grains scattered by the local grocer. I perch on my favourite bench under a tree near my...

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Growing up Gay: Not regretting my past

By Anwesh Kumar Sahoo Contrary to the reaction that I often receive from people, being gay in our country isn’t in fact half as bad. While growing up gay didn’t make it any easier for...

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Gay in the Land of Happiness, Bhutan

By Passang Dorji In Bhutan the Penal Code’s Sections 213 and 214 state that homosexuality is against nature and punishable. This reinforces the popular view that homosexuality is wrong, although no one appears to...

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9 Best Gay Love Stories

This Valentine’s day, we look back at some of the most beautifully crafted gay themed love stories ever shown on screen. Films which made us laugh, smile and cry. Here are our Top nine...

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Sharmistha Ray: In Search of Rainbows

Exploring Love & Sexuality in Sharmistha’s Art By Koel Chakraborty Sharmistha Ray aims to address the issues of sexuality with the help of a paintbrush. Her works speak of a sublime confidence that is...

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Kean Alvares: India’s androgynous model

Kean Alvares is a 23 year old makeup artist and androgynous model based in Mumbai. He shares his story with Pink Pages. Pictures by Punit Reddy. On Modelling as a career At the age...

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What does Pride mean to you?

Six years back, we asked our readers what Gay Pride means to them. As we approach another year of “Queer Azadi”- Mumbai’s LGBT Pride march, we ask you what personal meaning does this internationally...

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The Pink Pages Reading List: July 2016

The Artful Life of R. Vijay, By Annapurna Garimella Published by: Serindia Publications Beautiful, detailed and contemporary: a stunning introduction to the livng tradition of Rajasthani miniature painting of Rakesh Vijay in collaboration with...

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Gay Delhi

By Aastha Singh From cultural wonders of the old city to frequent gay parties at local bars, spas and places to hang out, Delhi has some of the best options available in India for...

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Top 7 Islands to visit for the LGBT Community

By Manjari Verma and Avani Patel With its laid-back attitude, sun kissed beaches and abundance of greenery; islands offer a perfect retreat for privacy seeking couples. There are several islands, many of them in...

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Eat Your Way to a More Beautiful Beard

By Elizabeth Narins For Men’s Life Today There’s not too much you can do about a receding hairline, other than curse your gene pool. But facial hair is a different story. “The condition of...