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A sister’s letter to her lost gay brother

A sister writes this open, anonymous  letter to her gay brother, who has been missing from their Chandigarh home for the last two years. The authorities have no clue yet about his whereabouts. She...

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Gautam Yadav: Fearless & Selfless

How Gautam Yadav is helping to Break the Silence on HIV issues in India By Udayan Dhar Gautam Yadav comes across as a confident, intuitive guy, a tad on the shy side but someone...

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Mr. and Mr. Iyer

By Udayan Dhar Those following LGBT news in India- indeed, any news in India over the past 72 hours could not have possibly ignored the brouhaha generated over Padma Iyer’s matrimonial advertisement in an...

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Let the Butterflies Fly!

By Saksham Bhatnagar What do you do when people all around you seem to hate you or judge you? You remind them of your humanity. How do you do that? With a hug! A...

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Excerpts: The Devourers

‘The Devourers’ by Indra Das reinvents modern fantasy in India, imbuing it with depth, emotion, and richness. It is a story about shape-shifters, men with second selves who prey on humans and live in...

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Gay Israel: The TLVfest

A Pink Pages Special Feature Israel can justifiably be called the gay haven of the Middle East, and Tel Aviv- with its thriving arts and culture scene- is the undisputed gay capital of this...

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Top 7 Islands to visit for the LGBT Community

By Manjari Verma and Avani Patel With its laid-back attitude, sun kissed beaches and abundance of greenery; islands offer a perfect retreat for privacy seeking couples. There are several islands, many of them in...

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Goan Sands, Global Gays, and Pink India

R. Benedito Ferrão The message was confusing. In May 2013, several news sources across India, and online, had headlines that seemed to burst with pink pride: “This July, Goa will be a Gay Haven,”...

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Eat Your Way to a More Beautiful Beard

By Elizabeth Narins For Men’s Life Today There’s not too much you can do about a receding hairline, other than curse your gene pool. But facial hair is a different story. “The condition of...